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Real World Tank and Well Monitoring

How the Solutions Work

A central controller (AVIDdirector) will receive information from sensors connected directly to the controller or located from 600 feet to several miles of the controller. These sensors can provide either wired or wireless tank monitoring as well as wireless well monitoring.

Our non-contact ultrasonic depth sensors are ruggedized for long service life in tough environments. The sensors provides constant monitoring of depth for oil, water or other chemicals without the need for roustabouts or other resources to be on-site. The solution is AC or DC powered and can be solar charged making it adaptable for any location.

AVIDdashboard Widgets

Widgets provide visual representation of information, on the main screen of the AVIDdashboard monitoring application. These widgets help users quickly review important information such as the last reading of the tank level.

Other environmental sensors such as temperature, vibration, or power monitor and control can be added to the location to provide additional information, either wired or wireless would communicate with a single AVIDdirector.

To see a live demonstration of the tank and well solution.

For more information on the Ultra Sonic Depth Sensor

To learn more about our wireless sensors

Our tank and well monitoring solutions are designed for real world situations. In order to determine the correct solution for your needs you must understand the requirements and you must have a foundation that is flexible to handle the various conditions. AVIDwireless has such a solution.

Understanding the Industry:

  • Tank Monitoring is a Sensor, not a Solution
  • Technology Varies By
    • Material In Tank
    • Size, Capacity, Orientation and Location of Tank
    • Accuracy Requirements
  • Tank Monitoring Drives Customer Automation
    • Remote Control of Tank Supply
    • Operator Alerting and Alarming
    • Business Operations Integration

Understanding the Technology:

  • Technology Involved in Tank Monitoring
    • Distance (Ultrasonic, Radar, Magnetic)
    • Float (Switch, Magnetic, Resistive)
    • Pressure, Pneumatic, Magnetostrictive, Capacitive
  • Chemical Properties
  • Accuracy
    • Alarms (Digital, Analog)
    • Custody (Billing, Payment)
  • Power/Infrastructure
  • Interface Type (Digital, Analog, Modbus)

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