AVIDdirector System Integrator Kit

The AVIDdirector-M2M® device is an intelligent controller designed to work with a broad range of remote equipment and all mobile data networks, such as Cellular (GPRS, CDMA, iDEN, Mobitex), Satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee or Private radios on VHF, UHF, 900 Mhz and 2.4 GHz. AVIDdirector is a compact embedded Java controller designed to quickly integrate with sensors (such as our wireless AVIDSmartSensors), equipment or devices and deliver information back to corporate systems or to our back-end web portal AVIDdashboard. It also allows command and control of remote assets and equipment. From AVIDdashboard you can issue command, review information sent from the controller and manage alerts and users.

For the latest software release, click here:  AVIDdirector-M2M Software Downloads

AVIDdirector Framework 2.2.0 Release (Nov 16): The latest version of the Open Source AVIDdirector Java Framework has now been released. This release features include (some from previous releases):

  • The protocols are completely separate from the framework so any implementation of M2MProtocol interface can connect the M2M Applications Framework to any portal or back-end database or system. This allows the AVIDdirector to be the device to connect the Internet of Things to the Cloud Computing Repositories.
    The software still provides default support for M2MXML, Version 1.1.
  • Many new commands including remote command execution, remote firmware updates, time setting have been implemented. 
  • The Command Processor can also be replaced by any class implementing M2MCommandProcessor interface, allowing custom commands to be added to the framework.
  • Complete support for all the AVIDSmartSensors.
  • All M2MIODevice and AVIDSmartSensors configurations can be updated in real-time.
  • Sensor readings can be manipulated with the included formula processor (includes scientific functions)
  • Improved Modbus support.
  • SD Card storage support.
  • Improved on-line help for interactive Ish commands.
  • Addition of the Ambient Orb to the I/O Devices.

    ... and many, many other improvements and additions to the API and Java environment.

The SnapDev terminal program can be downloaded here: snapdev_1.6.3.zip  

For user guides, HOW TOs, and technical reference notes, click here: AVIDdirector-M2M Documentation.
For Technical FAQs click here: AVIDwireless Product FAQs.

For M2Mlet Code Samples click here: M2Mlet Code Samples

Frequently used links:
AVIDdirector-M2M_Technical Reference Guide (PDF)
AVIDdirector-M2M Framework API documentation (JavaDocs)  (Updated)
AVIDdirector USB Drivers 2.04.16 (Updated)
SnapDev Terminal program 

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AVIDdirector-M2M Main web page  
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