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Small wireless sensors that communicate monitored information to AVIDdirector-M2M. Up to 100 sensors can connect with a single AVIDdirector. Communication up to 600 feet.


AVIDdashboard is the web monitoring application that communicates with AVIDdirector controllers, to receive readings from the various equipment. AVIDdashboard provides the user with the tools to control any equipment, devices or machinery connected to the AVIDdirector.

AVIDdashboard can be run from any web enabled PC or Smart Phone.

Currently Supported Sensors Are:  

418 MHZ Sensors

900 MHZ Sensors


Features of AVIDdashboard include:

  • Graphical Widgets That Provide a Quick View of Important Information
  • Easy to Use Graphs of Any Data Collected
  • Drop Down Command Functions
  • Individual Secure Logins
  • Reporting and Data Extracts
  • Mapping and Tracking Functionality
  • Multiple Vehicles on Single Map
  • Alert and Alarm Functionality (Email and Text Messaging)

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AVIDdirector - LTE

A simplified version of AVIDdirector provides GPRS/GPS, 2 outputs and 1 input.

download spec

Pulse Counter
RTD Temperature
Motion Sensor
Power Monitor
Magnetic Door Switch
Vibration Sensor
IR Counter Sensor
Directional IR Sensor
Analog to Digital
4 Channel Analog to Digital
Ultrasonic Tank Sensor
4- 20MA Output
418MHz Receiver


Pulse Counter

RTD Temperature


Directional IR Sensor
Analog to Digital
4 Channel Thermistor
Multi Channel Pulse Counter
Industrial Tank Sensor
Transceiver RS485

AVIDdirector - M2M

Our AVIDdirector-M2M is an intelligent controller that communicates between sensors, machinery, devices, etc, gathering sensory information, processing then transmitting to a central server.

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