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Wireless Remote Control and Monitoring in Minutes

Whether you are monitoring temperature, energy, tank levels, speed or just controlling switches, our wireless remote control and monitoring solution puts you in control in a matter of minutes.

How the Solutions Work

A central controller (AVIDdirector) will receive information from sensors located within 600 feet of the controller. A user would place the sensors in the appropriate location or connect the wireless sensor to the equipment, depending on the situation. The sensors collect information and transmit to the controller for transmission to the central server (AVIDdashboard or other). The backend system is the heart of the system used for monitoring, control and alerting.

The example above shows several different solutions that can quickly be installed at any remote location. Alerts and alarms are defined on the. AVIDdashboard web monitoring software. When the AVIDdirector at the remote location is powered up a user will immediately begin to see information on their screen.

AVIDdashboard Widgets

Widgets provide visual representation of information, on the main screen. These widgets help users quickly review important information. For example if you were monitoring temperature and tank level your widgets might show the last temperature and tank level received from the remote location. In addition to alerts and monitoring, AVIDdashboard provides numerous ways to manage the information such as data extracts, graphs and reports.

View a live demonstration of tank level monitoring.

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