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AVIDWireless Products

  • Wireless Controllers Powerful wireless controllers that serves as the flexible yet intelligent server on the remote side of remote control and monitoring solutions.

  • AVIDSmartSensors These are small wireless sensors that communicate with the AVIDdirector. These sensors collect valuable environmental monitoring information such as temperature, humidity, tank levels, or remote equipment readings.
  • AVIDSmartNodes These are 2.4GHz wireless mesh network Modbus sensors that can connect to equipment/sensors and communicate directly with the AVIDdirector. They provide the ability to extend the communication range at remote sites and significantly reduce cellular/satellite cost by having a single AVIDdirector act as the central point in remote locations.

  • AVIDdashboard A cloud based web monitoring application that provides users with a secure way to view the environmental information received from the AVIDdirector. In addition to monitoring the environmental information the user can send commands to the AVIDdirector to control remote equipment, run reports or graphs, or extract information to feed other systems.

  • Get Started Today! Our Systems Integrator Kits, these kits contain everything you need to get started building applications. The kit comes with 1 AVIDdirector and 3 months of AVIDdashboard access, mobile data SIM and 3 months of airtime, and an AVIDJumpStart board for testing and simulation. You can test the products, and be up and running in just minutes. You can add additional radios and sensors if you need to test specific capabilities. The options are unlimited.


All of our remote monitoring products work together to provide coherent easy to use solution that is quickly installed and helps our customers monitor their remote locations and provide a smoother operation of their business.

Our Solutions

Oil & Gas
AVIDSmartSite Solutions allow us to provide cost effective monitoring solutions for any size site, from the small marginal wells to large multi-location sites.More on Oil & Gas Monitoring

Farms big and small use our solutions to optimize there crops and manage their farms. Chicken and Pig farms need constant control to help grow and improve their output, the smallest amount of change in their environment can negatively impact their bottom line.More on Agriculture Solutions

Stand-by generators are extremely important when there is a power outage. Being able to remotely monitor the equipment and receive alerts of potential problems not only helps you to maintain the equipment but provide uninterrupted power to your customersMore on Generator Monitoring

Water is fast becoming our most precious resource. Being able to preserve and protect our water resources is critical now and will become more and more critical as time goes on.More on Water Monitoring

Intelligent Tracking
Our intelligent fleet tracking solutions are designed to handle basic to complex tracking and vehicle monitoring needs. The recent study by Aberdeen Group shows that fuel costs can be reduced by 22% when using fleet management systems. Adding wireless sensors for monitoring mobile assets can reduce liability and help protect these valuable assets.More on Intelligent Tracking

Remote Monitoring and Control
Our wireless remote monitoring and control solutions provide constant monitoring of remote sites such as oil and gas sites,, wind turbines, remote equipment, or utility monitoring. Utilizing our web monitoring portal you are in control of the equipment and the information. Generate reports to monitor your remote resources and contol equipment from your desk or your smart phone. More on Wireless Remote Monitoring and Control

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