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Intelligent Fleet and Equipment Tracking has a Positive Effect on Our Environment


AVIDdirector-XLT5 GPS Tracking

Features of AVIDwireless
Intelligent Fleet Tracking

  • Turn by Turn Tracking
  • Includes a Full Year of Cellular Data and AVIDdashboard Usage with No Contract Required.
  • Our Vehicle Monitoring System Monitors Speed, RPM's, Idle Time Tracking, Battery Levels, Etc.
  • Add Wireless Sensors for Additional Monitoring Such As Temperature, Trailer Attached, Door Open/Closed, and Much More.
  • Alerts via Text or Email
  • Alarms Provide Visual for Online Review (Requires Manual Clear to Ensure the Condition Has Been Handled)
  • Monitor Entire Fleet on One Screen
  • Listen In/Call In and SOS button Capabilities
  • Generate Reports Based on User Requirements (Specific Units, Time Frame, Specific Data, Etc.)
  • On-line Review of Parameters at Any Point on the Map at a Mouse Click
  • Visual Review of the Area and What is in the Area

Why do We Call it Intelligent Tracking?

Our tracking solutions provide customers with more than just a dot on a map, we do complete vehicle monitoring. Instead of just sending readings every X minutes that track your vehicles or heavy equipment, our solutions have the intelligence to determine when to send the information and what information to send. For example if your vehicle is traveling down the same highway for hours you don't need to see dots every three seconds. It would be more beneficial to only see important information such as when the vehicle exceeds the maximum speed determined by you, if a sudden stop occurred, if the vehicle has been idling for longer than expected or when the vehicle turns a corner.

Our tracking solutions show you where the vehicles have been and give detailed readings of the vehicles performance, like ignition status, battery level, fuel level, idle time tracking, etc.

Do I Only Get Tracking?

Our solutions not only provide tracking we have many additional features to help keep your fleet in top running conditions, minimize your fleet idle time and help to improve our environment. Below is a list of features included in our vehicle tracking and monitoring solution:

  • Reporting and Data Extracts
  • Easy to Use Graphing
  • Instant Customizable Commands for Controlling Vehicles and/or Sensors
  • Visual Graphic Display (Widgets) for Quick View of Important Information
  • All Data is Available for Unlimited Time
  • Review Your Whole Fleet from a Single Map
  • Create Alerts or Alarms to Any Number of People (Text and/or Email)
  • Customizable Scheduling to Handle Support Personnel on Different Day's/Hour's
  • And of Course Tracking...

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