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Generator Monitoring

We have several solutions available depending on the type of monitoring required. Our solutions range from monitoring just a few data points to handling larger generators equipped with Modbus protocols. Customers expect 24/7 uninterrupted service from this type of equipment. To ensure this level of service operators need constant monitoring of fuel levels and fault conditions especially when generators are in standby it has to be ready to start in an instant to provide customers with uninterrupted service.

One of the biggest problems associated with standby emergency generators is that operators may not know anything was wrong until the generator is needed.  Most generators are located in remote areas with very little to no visual checks on a regular basis. The most common reason for a generator not starting is that the battery is too low or the battery charger is not working properly. Another huge issue is the block heaters not performing properly during cold weather. With our generator monitoring solutions we can continuously monitor any of these failure points and allow you to stay on top of potential problems before the generator is required to operate.

What We Monitor

  • Fuel Level
  • Power Failures
  • Generator Runtime
  • Transfer Switch Position
  • Oil Level & Pressure
  • Coolant Level
  • Starter Battery Level
  • Battery Charger Failures
  • Engine Temperature
  • Location
  • Vibration
  • Fault Shutdown
  • Many Other Options Depending on the Equipment
  • And Remote Start/Stop Capabilities


  • Text and/or Email Alerts Not Just General Alarms
  • Support Staff Schedules Optimization
  • Not Just an Auto Dialer Full Alerts and Control From Your Desktop or Smart Phone
  • Replace Antiquated Technology With Real Time M2M Technology that Can Expand as New Technologies Emerge
  • 24/7 Support Without Costly Call Center Charges
  • Maintain Your Systems Don't Just Respond to Breakdowns
  • Increased Customer Confidence
  • Minimize Downtime With Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Equipment
  • Cellular, Satellite, and Ethernet Options Available
  • Multi Site Operation With a Single Controller
  • Extra Security for Mobile Generators With GPS Tracking

Generator Monitoring

With our remote generator monitoring there is no need to dedicate personnel to visually monitor the equipment, and there is no need to send support personnel from site to site to check the status of equipment.  If an alert condition is detected, the appropriate personnel is notified immediately via text message or email with the exact fault condition, they can then respond appropriately with the correct equipment to minimize down-time.


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