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AVIDwireless Intelligent Wireless
Remote Environmental Monitoring Solutions
Frequently Asked Question

How much is an environmental monitoring solutions from AVIDwireless®?

Due to the highly configurable nature of our solutions we ask that you contact us for pricing. We work with our customers to provide a solution that meets their exact needs and reduces high overhead fees normally incurred from installation and maintenance of other solutions. Our prices are highly competitive and all include wireless service and use of our cloud based system for equipment monitoring, if required. Contact us for pricing via email or by phone at 972.573.4101.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Options that can effect the price of our environmental monitoring solutions are additional features such as a change in radio, case option, industrial power supplies adding ethernet or additional radios (GPS, Wi-Fi, Satellite, Sensor Receiver, etc). We do offer quantity discounts at 100, 250, 500 and 1000. We can provide solutions to meet must budgets depending on what you need to monitor and control.

How will you work with me to determine my needs?

One of our sales representatives will contact you preferably by phone to complete an initial assessment of your environmental monitoring requirements. We can set up an online Webinar to demonstrate our products so that you can see the power of the products working together. During our initial conversations we will determine the wireless transmission needs for your applications such as network configuration. The location of your application will help us determine the type(s) of radios needed for your AVIDdirector controller, whether you need wireless sensors, what type and how many. During the initial assessment we will determine your back-end server needs as well.

Our Wireless Application Assessment form will give you an idea of the information required to assess your application needs. You may fill this out and send it to sales for an initial quote. Either way, it will prove helpful in organizing your requirements before talking with our sales representative.

Why Use Our Solutions?

  • Rapid time to market some even Out-Of-The-Box wireless remote environmental monitoring solutions for any equipment monitoring needs
  • Easy to use Java framework for customization needs
  • Wireless sensors eliminates need for costly infrastructure wiring
  • Connects with any equipment for monitoring and/or control
  • Cost effective solution provides quick ROI
  • Flexibility offered by no other wireless environmental monitoring provider
  • Secure web monitoring software allows you to view information from desktop or Smartphone


What is the best way to get started with your environmental monitoring solutions?

It depends on the application. If you are looking for a product to integrate with your current solution or to sell to others we recommend starting with our Systems Integrator Kit. Our kit comes with everything you need to get started including 2 wireless sensors, an activated SIM card and 3 months of wireless data and 3 months access to AVIDdashboard™. All this provides you with a great opportunity to learn more about our products and provides a great out-of-the-box experience.

How quickly can I receive my wireless environmental monitoring shipment?

Our shipping schedule is based on quantity and options. Larger quantity orders may take 6-10 weeks. Smaller quantity orders generally arrive within the week.


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