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Agriculture Monitoring

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Agriculture Monitoring

The agriculture industry provides numerous opportunities for remote monitoring and control. AVIDdirector provides the perfect solution for controlling all equipment related to the industry. Currently our solutions are used in irrigation control in many areas as well as monitoring of Poultry and Pig Farming.

Conservation of water is a major issue for farmers in some states it is considered critical due to regulations imposed on farmers. We can provide economical solutions that will help you manage your irrigation systems and gates and protect our vital resources and at the same time help improve crop yield.

Poultry and Pig Farming is a huge industry in the US. Farmers need to constantly monitor the temperature levels, water pressure, power, generators and other sensors. Even minor changes in these measurements can negatively impact their lively hood. We offer an economical real-time solution for any size farm. Contact us today for experts in your area that can help improve your bottom line.


  • Instant Notification of Any Changes in the Environment
  • Constant Monitoring of Power and Generators
  • Monitor Temperature and Humidity and Define Your Own Limits for Alerts
  • Receive Alerts of Power Failures to Protect Your Live Stock
  • Alerts via Email or Text
  • Priority Notification of Alerts
  • Schedule Support Staff Based on Availability
  • Feed and Water Reporting
  • Remotely Control Your Equipment from Your Desk or Smart Phone

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