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AVIDdirector-M2M intelligent wireless controller

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AVIDdirector Intelligent Wireless Controller

AVIDdirector is designed to make implementing wireless M2M solutions both easier and more affordable.

AVIDdirector is a highly intelligent and flexible wireless remote control device that provides connections to a wide variety of wireless and wired sensors. The easy-to-use open source Java framework (AVIDdirectorM2MFramework) gives customers the unique ability to interface many different radios and devices, wirelessly monitor equipment, provide real-time data acquisition of your remote equipment in a plug and play environment.

AVIDdirector is unique in that it provides Hardware Over-the-Air (HWOTA™) reprogrammablity. This makes it easy to maintain and add new hardware features without having to make a site visit.

AVIDdirector is the perfect fit for adding wireless control to existing machinery, or to provide constant monitoring of important equipment by using wireless technology.

Pricing is based on configuration. For additional information regarding pricing Request Pricing. Call today for configuration and quantity discount information.

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To get started we suggest ordering a Systems Integrators Kit. These kits contain everything you need to add customized programs or work directly with AVIDdirector and/or AVIDSmartSensors. Learn more about the Systems Integrator Kit.


  • Choice of Wireless Communications (GPRS/GSM, CDMA, iDen, Zigbee, WiFi, ISM, LTE, Satellite, Bluetooth, and future technologies)
  • Add GPS for Tracking (optional)
  • Multiple Carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Bell Mobility etc.)
  • Hardware Over The Air (HWOTA™) Reprogrammability for sensor interfaces
  • 22 TTL level Configurable I/O Lines - Analog or Digital, Inputs or Outputs
  • Java 160 MIPS Processor with Native Java Byte Code execution
  • USB Terminal Console
  • Wireless Sensor Receiver (optional) Can Communicate with 100 AVIDSmartSensors
  • Operates from 8 to 36 volts DC @ .1 to 1 amps (radio dependent)
  • Works in -40° to 85° C With No Ventilation Required
  • Size is 4.25"X3.5"X2" (Standard Case)

More Technical Information is Available on Our Technical Documentation Pages to Learn More About AVIDwireless products.


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