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Oil and Gas Monitoring

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Oil and Gas Site Monitoring

Our Oil and Gas monitoring solutions provide a perfect way to remotely monitor either large or small sites. Our solutions range from Marginal Well Sites with just a few tanks up to those large high producing sites with large tank batteries.

What We Monitor

  • Oil and Water Tank Levels <== Learn more about out Tank Monitoring Solutions
  • Flow Levels
  • Direct Connect to Current PLC's
  • Compressors
  • Separators
  • Fluid in Containment Area
  • Site AC Power
  • H2S and Other Gases
  • Line and Pump Pressure
  • Pump Status
  • Pump Jack Monitoring and Reporting
  • Flare Status
  • Energy Levels (Battery Banks and Solar/Wind Charging)
  • On Site HMI Connectivity and Development
  • We Can Use Modbus or Any Other Protocol Available
  • Any Digital or 4-20mA Analog Equipment on Site

What We Control

  • Pump Control
  • ESD Switches
  • On-Site Notifications
  • Valves & Shutoffs
  • Any Digital or 4-20mA Analog Equipment on Site

Marginal Well Site
Simple Monitoring Installation

Our solutions range from small sites monitoring only a few sensors/ tanks to large site controlling multiple panels monitoring hundreds of sensors. It's all done utilizing a single controller on-site connecting to all your sensors, equipment or PLC's.

Complex Installation Panel 1 Complex Installation Panel 2


  • Increase in Production
  • Immediate Notification of Problems (Email and/or Text)
  • Well Performance Data (Sales Gas/Oil Reporting and Analysis)
  • Better Utilization of Field Resources and Roustabouts
  • Reduce Support Truck Maintenance and Fuel Costs
  • Improve Quality of Reports
  • Avoid Costly Spills and Downtime
  • Improved Equipment Maintenance vs. Replacement Cost

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